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Complimentary Consultation:

I offer a one-hour complimentary consultation.

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How we work:

We work on all aspects of a design project. We welcome as much or as little involvement as the client wishes and regardless are happy to guide the project from beginning to end. Integrating existing items and personalizing backgrounds in a new space is one of our specialties. Specifying plumbing, light fixtures, floor break up, paint and wallpaper as well as trim and cabinetry in new construction or in a renovation project is what we excel in.



While I have completed numerous projects in Michigan, my design services extend across the country whether it be a primary residence or vacation home.  I have an extensive background in project management and working from blueprint to the final stages of a renovation or new home construction.

Fee Method:

A retainer is required depending on the scope of the work. An outline of the project is supplied with a range of hours projected to accomplish the work. That can vary, depending on the decision-making ability of the client. We bill on a monthly or bi-monthly basis depending on the activity. We offer a one-hour complimentary consultation and bill by the hour if it exceeds the one-hour time frame.

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